Coaching Training - Advanced Level

Course Details
30 hours

Includes supervision

Course Fee
£995 (exc. vat)

Some experience

Some experience of coaching and giving development feedback


  • Engage certificate
  • EMCC certificate
  • 30 hours EMCC qualification credits
  • Free access to Coach Hub membership
  • Free Engage practice credit (value £150)
  • Discount on starter package (value £450)


Coach in The Box Advanced is a bespoke professional coach training programme aimed at coaches, consultants, psychologists, and non-psychologists who want to enrich their coaching skills and add coaching psychology to their toolkit.

With a blend of e-learning and supervision, this will help you be a better coach and equip you to work with individuals, teams, and organisations.

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Course Highlights

Coach In The Box Advanced comprises twelve core modules with over 50 lessons, using a blend of videos, animations, tutorials, case studies, workbooks, reflective journals, exercises, and quizzes, with a final practice-based assessment.

  • Clear structured learning
  • Engaging videos, easy to watch
  • Real live case studies
  • Detailed workbooks
  • Exercises to embed learning
  • Quizzes to confirm understanding
  • Powerful personal development experience
  • Short bite size chunks of learning
  • Practice based assessment
  • Supervision to practice new skills

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Course Modules.

How to Succeed

Set yourself up for success, be prepared, listen to what other coaches have to say

Engage Fundamentals

History and science behind Engage, Engage model in depth

Change Readiness

Foundations of change, three dimensions of change readiness


What is confidence and why it’s important, five confidence scales, case study


What is openness and why it’s important, five openness scales, case study


What is impact and why it’s important, five impact scales, case study


Report structures, learn to interpret profiles, learn about interaction effects between scales, multiple case studies

The Formula

Learn to apply the Engage formula using a 3-step process which teaches you to put the theory into practice with clients

“From my perspective as a coach, I found the Engage report particularly beneficial in helping to identify key areas for discussion and exploration within the coaching sessions.”


How to prepare, structure and close a feedback session, overcoming common obstacles in coaching, feedback advice feedback demonstration

Working with Teams

How to use the team report, team case study

ROI – Evaluating Impact

The challenges of measuring ROI. How to use the impact report, impact case study

Programme Submissions

Preparing for course assessment. Preparing for supervision, practice case study

“I don’t recommend things lightly, but in my practice personally, I can say without question that Engage has improved the quality of my coaching and was well worth the coaching investment.”

  • 30 hours study time
  • 12 topic areas, 50 lessons
  • Detailed workbooks
  • Videos and tutorials
  • Feedback demonstration
  • Case Studies
  • Working with teams
  • Measuring impact and ROI
  • EMCC credits
  • Learn science, theory and principles behind Engage
  • Learn the foundations of change readiness
  • Learn to use the full Engage model and apply the Engage formula
  • Learn best practice principles of feedback
  • Learn to interpret profiles
  • Learn how to eliminate obstacles to change and get results
  • Learn to apply the methodology with teams
  • Learn how to evaluate impact and ROI using Engage

Client Testimonials.

Some of your kind words

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“Within the programme there is a lot of very clear information in the workbooks and user-guides, and I found the example feedback demonstration and profiling exercises taught me a lot. Having standard answers to review in my own time is also very valuable.”

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