Coaching Foundation Course

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30 hours

Go at your own pace.

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£795 (exc. vat)


Our Coaching Foundation Course is great for people looking to set up a coaching practice, in career transition, or those who want to add coaching to their toolkit. Following completion of the course you will receive a coaching foundation certificate (Engage & EMCC) to prove your competance in coaching.

Coaching Foundation Certification

  • Engage certificate
  • EMCC certificate
  • 30 hours credit towards EMCC award
  • Points towards advanced programme
  • Free access to Coach Hub membership

Foundation Level Coaching Course & Certification

Our Coaching Foundation Course is a bespoke professional coach training programme aimed at beginners. Designed for anyone who is new to coaching, interested in setting up a coaching practice, or adding coaching skills to their toolkit. This fully automated programme allows you to work at a pace and time convenient to you and will equip you to provide one on one coaching feedback to others.

This coaching programme is perfect for anyone who wishes to acquire & develop coaching skills. It is ideal for executives, business leaders, HR professionals and coaches working in-house or independently, or for anyone with an interest in people development.

The Coaching Foundation Course is an all-encompassing & comprehensive coaching training programme with clear goals and outcomes.

You will be guided on finding your coaching niche, and for those setting up in business, you will create your sales and marketing strategy and business plan.

Following completion of this certified coaching training course, you will receive a coaching foundation certificate which proves your completion of the course and your competency in coaching.

Who is the Course for?

This course is perfect for:

  • Anyone who has no experience in coaching.
  • Anyone considering a career change in coaching.
  • Those curious in exploring coaching.
  • People who want to discover an evidence based approach to coaching.
  • Anyone interested in a cognitive behavioural approach to coaching.
  • If you want some guidance on what type of coach you should be.
  • Anyone looking to discover the basics of coaching, i.e. what is coaching, what are best practices, coaching fundamentals etc.

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Steps to becoming a Certified Coach

Step 1: Purchase the Coaching Foundation Course and Receive Confirmation Receipt

Begin your coaching journey by purchasing our coaching training course. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email. This confirmation ensures that your enrollment is successful.

Step 2: Receive Welcome Email with Onboarding Instructions

Shortly after purchasing the course, you will receive a warm welcome email from us. This email will provide you with detailed onboarding instructions, guiding you through the next steps of the certification process.

Step 3: Register onto the Coaching Foundation Course

Follow the instructions in the welcome email to register for the coaching training course. The registration process is quick and straightforward, ensuring you can start your learning journey promptly.

Step 4: Complete Course Modules and Exercises at Your Convenience

Once registered, you will gain access to our comprehensive course materials. These materials are designed to provide you with a solid foundation in coaching principles and techniques. You can study and complete the modules and exercises at your own pace and convenience, allowing you to balance your learning with your other commitments.

Step 5: Submit Course Assignment

As part of your certification, you will be required to complete a course assignment. This assignment serves as an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained throughout the course. Once completed, you will need to submit your assignment according to the provided instructions.

Step 6: Receive Feedback on Course Assignment

After submitting your course assignment, our experienced coaching instructors will evaluate your work and provide detailed feedback. This feedback aims to enhance your understanding of coaching concepts and techniques, helping you grow as a coach.

Step 7: Gain Certification

Congratulations! Upon successful completion of the course and approval of your assignment, you will receive your coaching foundation certification. This certification validates your competence and signifies your achievement as a certified coach.

Step 8: Become Eligible to Register for Advanced Programme

With your coaching certification in hand, you become eligible to register for our Advanced Coaching Programme. This program offers further specialised training and advanced coaching techniques, allowing you to expand your coaching skills and knowledge.

Step 9: Gain Access to Coach Hub – Engage Community & Online Learning Resources

As a certified coach and a member of our community, you will gain exclusive access to our Coach Hub. This hub serves as a central platform for engaging with fellow coaches, participating in discussions, and accessing additional online learning resources. It’s a valuable space for ongoing growth and development in your coaching career.

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Course Highlights

Our Certified Coaching Foundation Course comprises four core modules with over 50 lessons, using a blend of videos, animations, tutorials, case studies, workbooks, reflective journals, exercises, and quizzes, with a final practice-based assessment.

  • Clear structured learning
  • Engaging, easy to watch videos
  • Real life case studies
  • Flexible learning enabling you to go at your own pace
  • Detailed workbooks
  • Exercises to embed learning
  • Quizzes to confirm understanding
  • Powerful personal development experience
  • Short bite size chunks of learning
  • Practice based assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Coaching Foundation Course?

Our Coaching Foundation Course is a professional coach training program.

It is aimed at beginners; for those who want to potentially set up their own coaching business, those in career transition, or anyone who might want to add coaching to their professional or personal toolkit.

2. Who is this coaching training course suitable for?

This course is suitable for business executives, leaders, HR professionals, and coaches working in-house or independently. It is also ideal for anyone with an interest in people development and those who may be wanting to acquire and develop coaching skills.

3. What does this course cover?

The coaching training course comprises four core modules with over 50 lessons. It utilises a variety of learning resources; including videos, animations, tutorials, case studies, workbooks, reflective journals, exercises, and quizzes.

The course covers coaching principles and techniques including principles such as assessing readiness for change, the GROW model, and more; providing a solid foundation for aspiring coaches. It also includes a final practice-based assessment. You will then be given feedback based on your course assignment, after which you will be given your certification.

4. Can I work at my own pace while taking the coaching foundation course?

Yes! The course is designed to accommodate flexible learning, allowing you to work at your own pace. You can study the course modules and complete the exercises at a time convenient for you, balancing your learning with other commitments.

5. What is the purpose of the course assignment in this coaching foundation course?

The course assignment in this new coach training course serves as an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained throughout the course. It is a practical exercise that allows you to demonstrate your understanding of coaching concepts and techniques. Upon completion and submission of the assignment, you will receive detailed feedback from an experienced coaching instructor to further enhance your growth as a coach.

6. What are the benefits of receiving the coaching certification after completing this coaching foundation course?

Upon successful completion of the foundation level coaching course and approval of your assignment, you will receive a coaching foundation certification. This certification validates your competence as a coach and signifies your achievement. It can enhance your professional credibility, open up opportunities for coaching engagements, and demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and development in the coaching field.

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Course Modules.

How to Succeed in Coaching

Set yourself up for success, be prepared and listen to what other coaches have to say. Our programme is perfect to set yourself up for a career in coaching.

Coaching Fundamentals

Learn the basic coaching skills, including definitions, GROW model and coaching best practices.

Engage Fundamentals

Learn the history and science behind Engage and the Engage model.

Understanding Change Readiness

Understand the foundations of change as well as learn the three dimensions of change readiness.


Learn about what is confidence and why it’s important. Understand the 5-poit confidence rating scale and analyse case studies.


Learn what is openness and why it’s important, five openness scales, case study.


Understand Report Structures and learn to interpret profiles, as well as analyse case studies.

The Formula

Learn to apply the Engage formula. Understand the 3-step process and put the theory into practice.

“Flexible approach could dip in and out and go back and check. Videos were natural and easy to watch and listen to, nice rapport, engaging.”


How to prepare, structure and close a feedback session, overcoming common obstacles in coaching, feedback advice feedback demonstration

Setting up your Coaching Business

Our Foundation Coaching Training Programme will help you to find your coaching niche, create your sales and marketing strategy, and begin your coaching career.

“Genuinely, I thought the structure was really good, there wasn’t anything to not like. I needed to read the questions a bit more carefully sometimes which really made me think and I liked the fact that I didn’t have to do it all at once.”

Features of our Coaching Foundation Course
Features of our Coaching Foundation Course
  • 30 hours study time
  • 10 topic areas
  • 50 lessons
  • Workbooks
  • Videos and tutorials
  • Feedback demonstration
  • Case Studies
  • Business Plan template
  • Expert advice
What you'll gain from our Coaching Foundation Course
What you'll gain from our Coaching Foundation Course
  • Learn principles behind Engage
  • Learn the fundamentals of coaching
  • Learn to use the Engage model and apply the Engage formula
  • Learn best practice principles of feedback
  • Learn to profile
  • Learn how to eliminate obstacles to change and get results
  • Identify your coaching niche
  • Define your sales and marketing strategy
  • Create your business plan

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