Leadership Training for Managers & Senior Leaders

Course Details

  • Fact finding questionnaire
  • 10 min Engage survey
  • 60 min individual coaching session
  • 90 min team coaching session
  • Optional 90 min team follow up

Course Fee
£1500 per head (exc. vat)

  • Minimum 6 people
  • Optional team follow up £200 per head

Be Active

Leaders are expected to be present and actively participate

Personalised Workbooks

  • Detailed personalised report
  • Detailed bespoke team report
  • Establish individual plan
  • Establish team action plan

Leadership Training & Coaching Programme

This bespoke leadership training and coaching programme is aimed at senior managers and leaders. Designed to identify drivers and barriers to change to optimise team performance.
This guided programme is delivered virtually and is a blend of individual and team coaching.

Leaders will work on ‘self’ first with a coach, before engaging in the team session. In the team coaching they will work together to address the drivers and barriers to change identified in the team report and create a powerful action plan to drive team performance.

There is the option to have a follow up session 6-8 weeks later to monitor progress.

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“I was fortunate enough to have a 360 feedback session with Jodi recently and have to say it was the best I have ever experienced. Jodi is very personable (which helps) but more importantly she has a real knack in helping you make sense of a lot of detailed feedback (sometimes not always positive) and coaches you into turning the feedback into something you can actually do something with and want to own. Over 20 years of receiving professional feedback this was the most forensic and delivered to the highest standard yet.”

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Line Manager
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