Coaching Training for Managers

Course Details
8 hours

  • Coaching Training for Managers
  • Pre-course work
  • Supervision
  • Flexible workshops delivered virtually
  • Practice based assessment

Course Fee
£795 per head (exc. vat)

Minimum 8 people

Some experience

For this manager coaching course, we require attendees to have some experience in giving development feedback.


Engage CIPD certificate

Bespoke Manager Coaching Training

What is the Coaching Training for Managers course?

Our Coaching Training for Managers and Leaders is a short, bespoke guided programme which equips line managers and leaders to be a catalyst for meaningful coaching conversations with staff. The Engage methodology provides a structured framework to achieve this.

Our approach to coaching training for managers supports performance reviews and development discussions and provides both the line manager and member of staff with a detailed development report as guidance. Within the report there are powerful coaching questions and feedback recommendations.

Through this manager coaching course, you will learn about creating a strong team through having a meaningful and professional relationship with team members. You will gain an understanding of the coaching relationship, and how to use this relationship to develop your team members’ skills and capabilities. The course places a great emphasis on creating a culture where questions are encouraged, and teaches how this can lead to more trusting and productive communication of ideas. This leads onto the idea of active accountability, and how giving the power to team members to plan and execute projects themselves leads to a greater sense of pride in work, lending itself to better results.

Coaching training for managers places a high degree of focus on teaching the GROW model of coaching, a model which incorporates a structured approach to setting goals and solving problems. Alongside this, it teaches managers how to incorporate GROW feedback with effective performance management, to help encourage development in team members throughout their careers.

This manager coaching course provides managers with the tools to take a more coach-central approach to their leadership. It gives managers the knowledge and power to increase levels of team collaboration and employee engagement. It enables managers to take a better approach to problems, with more resilience and adaptability, which leads to overall improved results across the board of any business.

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What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

It is very common in businesses for managers and leaders to not understand the premise of coaching; often confusing it with mentoring or consulting. Whilst there are similarities between them, in that they are both concerned with development (Benabou and Benabou 2000), coaching is a distinct activity in its own right. Coaching is a tool to help drive performance, learning and growth whilst guiding people through a process of change. It seeks to facilitate the learning process (Olivero, Bane, Kopelman, 1997) using specific techniques. Incorporating a Coaching Leadership Style is a better way to build trust and rapport with employees, provide support and guidance, and facilitate growth of employees.

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Benefits of Coaching Training for Managers

Coaching Training for Managers is necessary for business leaders to acquire the skills necessary to facilitate coaching conversations. There are a host of benefits of coaching in the workplace including but not limited to:

  1. Enhanced Leadership Skills
  2. Increased Employee Engagement
  3. Improved Team Collaboration
  4. Enhanced Problem Solving Abilities
  5. Enhanced Adaptability and Resilience
  6. Effective Performance Management
  7. Facilitation of Professional Development
  8. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

These benefits all arise in businesses when a coaching culture is encouraged, and that begins with managers and leaders. With managers taking on more of a coaching style to their leadership, you can expect to get more out of both managers and employees. Get in touch now to discuss our course on manager coaching training.

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Content and Learning Outcomes of the Course

From this coaching training course, managers and business leaders can expect the following content and outcomes:

  1. Team Development: Create a stronger, more meaningful relationship with team members.
  2. Coach – Coachee Mindset: The ability to understand the coaching relationship and use it to develop the capabilities of team members.
  3. Trusting Environment & Enhanced Communication: Developing openness, trust and supportive communication, leading to better results over time.
  4. Encouragement of Questions: Creating a culture where questions are encouraged to empower team members and facilitate communication of ideas.
  5. Active Accountability: Giving ownership to both managers and team members, providing a better sense of accountability and pride in work.
  6. GROW Model: Incorporating a comprehensive and structured approach for setting goals and solving problems.
  7. GROW Feedback: Providing effective performance management which will develop team members and encourage continuous learning.


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“The coaching with Jodi has truly been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. It has taught me so much about myself, how I see and respond to things within the workplace and helped me to prioritise my development focus through setting goals and the successful attainment of these. I feel that I have grown throughout the process, taking accountability for my thoughts and actions which in turn has influenced the way I work for the benefit of my patients. I will take forward what I have learnt and embed it into my daily routine. I feel that I am now more grounded within the workplace, increasing my productivity and outcomes. I came to coaching with three objectives and left, not only achieving these, but so many more as well. In turn this has given me a better sense of work/life balance, which has benefited myself and family immensely. I will be forever grateful for this experience, one that I wish didn’t have an expiry date.”

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