Optimising potential – what does this mean?


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What does optimising potential actually mean and how do we achieve it?  Whilst objectives may vary, from optimising individual potential, to having responsibility for optimising potential in others, there are some common themes and underlying principles that remain relevant for both. 

At an individual level optimising potential invites us to reflect on whether we are making the most of ourselves, do we feel empowered, fully present and engaged.  At the organisational level optimising potential has historically focused on performance management, rather than empowerment and engagement. This can involve performance appraisals which are either over-complicated rendering them ineffective, or over-simplified rendering them trivial. 

The key to unlocking your potential is in your hands!

In summary, the following may apply:

At an individual level optimising potential involves:

  • maximising our strengths 
  • managing our blind spots
  • eliminating interference

At an organisational level optimising potential involves developing a performance culture: 

  • Setting clear direction
  • Establishing clear roles and responsibility
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Capturing evidence and real time data – measurements and monitoring
  • Enabling and empowering – provide resources, training, secure buy-in, discretionary effort
  • Assess and evaluate– reflection, judgement, discussion, inclusion 2-way process
  • Reward and recognition – well done, thank you, incentivise, motivate
Establishing clear roles and responsibility is a great way to unlock
the potential of your organisation

Engage can support both of these processes. At the individual level, Engage assesses mindset and  provides insights around the drivers and barriers to change, offering clear guidance on how to drive change and achieve optimal potential. 

At the organisational level, Engage provides powerful data around the organisation’s cultural mindset, in particular, levels of confidence, openness and impact, which underpin a culture of empowerment and engagement.  To find out more how Engage can empower and unlock your potential, or that of your workforce, take a look at our video.

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