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“Our senior management team is responsible for leading a large transformation programme, requiring a shift from a more transactional operational management role to a strategic people leadership one. Using the Engage toolset is supporting very real personal and team change and development. The unique Engage AIM methodology has allowed us to assess accelerators/inhibitors to personal and team performance, understand how the senior team is driving culture, intervene to develop personal leadership effectiveness, and over time will allow us to measure impact. If you are looking to develop leaders/managers, teams and the culture of organisation, I recommend Engage to you.”

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“Becoming an accredited Engage Coach allowed me to more closely tie the assessment results to a leaders own strategic and personal goals. The results became a reflection of their true selves and allowed for growth in areas they hadn't even considered. I highly recommend the Engage Accreditation course.”

Tony Coe, Executive Consultant, Culture and Leadership, Talent and Transformation, IBM

“The Engage coaching has truly been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. It has taught me so much about myself, how I see and respond to things within the workplace. I feel I’ve grown throughout the process, taking accountability for my thoughts and actions which has influenced the way I work for the benefit of my patients. I feel more grounded within the workplace, increasing my productivity and outcomes. I came to coaching with three objectives and left, not only achieving these, but so many more as well. In turn this has given me a better sense of work/life balance, which has benefited myself and family immensely. I will be forever grateful for this experience, one that I wish didn’t have an expiry date”.

Macmillan Cancer Nurse Specialist

“The Engage tool brings something completely new that is proving immensely useful to our organisation in a number of ways with really exciting potential, both in terms of supporting the development path for individuals and also in guiding the organisation’s strategic, cultural and leadership journey. The tool acts as a readiness assessment for both individuals, teams, and large sections of the organisation in relation to meeting future challenges. The more we use it and look at the findings and their multiple applications, the more I am impressed by what Engage offers.”

Zoe Sheard – Chief Superintendent, GMP

“From my perspective as a coach, I found the coach reports particularly beneficial in helping to identify key areas for discussion and exploration within the coaching sessions. For every client the reports have quickly resulted in key discussions about topics of particular importance and significance to them. The recommendations and prompts within the coach reports provide a rich source of support to me as a coach, enabling me to plan for each session, whilst remaining focused on the individual coachee’s needs and goals for the session. The reports accelerate deep discussion about topics of particular significance.”

Certified Engage Coach

‘I just finished my session with Jodi and wanted to share what a fabulous experience I had. The debrief and Engage Profile were both excellent and provided a unique lens from which to view myself and the impact I have on those around me. More specifically, I found Jodi to be an excellent coach and pilot, who helped me navigate between the dots and make connections in my profile, I wholeheartedly recommend others complete their Engage profile and 1:1 debrief with Jodi or qualified Engage Coach’

Director – Pharmaceutical Industry

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“I have worked as a full-time executive coach (internal and external) for the last 15 years and I have been using Engage for around three years, and it is my preferred approach for several reasons. (1) it is rooted in research, (2) Engage is state-based, as opposed to trait based. State is much more enabling to work with, (3) Engage has in-built evaluation. I don’t recommend things lightly, but in my practice personally, with coaches I have lead, and in schemes that I have designed and run I can say without question that Engage has improved the quality of coaching, the outcomes, and the evaluation of the coaching investment.”

Dr Rob Kemp – Executive Coach, Head of Coaching Napp Pharmaceutical

“I have known Jodi for several years. She is able to offer the powerful - and rare- combination of being a coach who is also an expert in psychometrics and is able to draw upon these strengths in the provision of a highly pragmatic approach to coaching. I am particularly impressed with Engage, which helps to identify the factors which enable or inhibit an individual’s development. A key purpose of most coaching is to improve performance through development - having a robust and empirically researched tool which helps facilitate this process will be of great benefit to coaches, HR and OD professionals. Jodi is a great coach, who has helped drive forward the frontiers of coaching”

Director of Human Resources

“Jodi has given executive coaching to myself and my team of directors within Serco. Whilst initially sceptical of coaching, the impact Jodi has had professionally on individuals and business performance has been tremendous. A well-structured approach and detailed coaching session has really helped us start to reach our potential. I would happily and confidently recommend Jodi to any executive or organisation”

Serco Director

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“I was fortunate enough to have a feedback session with Jodi recently and have to say it was the best I have ever experienced. Jodi is very personable (which helps) but more importantly she has a real knack in helping you make sense of a lot of detailed feedback (sometimes not always positive) and coaches you into turning the feedback into something you can actually do something with and want to own. Over 20 years of receiving professional feedback this was the most forensic and delivered to the highest standard yet.”

Director Royal Mail


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