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Engage Research.

Engage is based on over 15 years of research, drawing on cognitive behavioural psychology and advanced coaching psychology. The research behind Engage focuses on mindset and psychological readiness for change, identifying those specific factors which differentiate success. It embeds theories around change and motivation, incorporating meta-cognition (how we think), and self-regulation (how we adapt) to achieve a growth mindset.

Using measurements and empirically researched tools and methodologies is important for coaching as it improves standards and quality which better outcomes. Engage provides tangible metrics increasing the consistency, reliability, and validity of any development or coaching initiative. It achieves this using a statistical algorithm to create a personalised development solution which guides the development focus, optimising performance and coaching impact.

Research indicates a strong relationship between the factors measured by Engage and learning and development outcomes.


A tool which removes the guesswork.
Provides clear data insights.
Does the heavy lifting for you.
Identifies areas of focus.

Engage Model.


Confidence is important because it underpins decision making, appetite for risk and willingness to take control.


Openness is important because when we are open, positive, and receptive to feedback and change, we grow.


Impact is important because it underpins motivation, satisfaction, productivity, and feelings of success.

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Engage Explainer Video.

A more in-depth look at how it works.

Engage Process.

Complete the
Engage Survey

Complete quick 10 minute online survey.

Get your Engage Profile

Receive a personalised Engage profile.

Create a
Development Plan

Sit down with your coach to create an individual development plan.


People to act.
Take control.
Embrace their strengths.
Remove the obstacles.

Engage Training.

To use Engage within your organisation, or as an independent consultant or coach, you need to be trained. This maintains standards and ensures you are fully equipped to use Engage effectively in your work. We recognise people are busy and don’t necessarily have the time or inclination to invest in lengthy programmes. As a result, we’ve created a short, bespoke training which puts the theory into practice from the start.

Learning modules are delivered through an automated learning platform, which provides flexibility and optimises your effort so you can work at a time and pace convenient to you.

Our training has undergone rigorous scrutiny and is certified by EMCC, providing you with 30 hours coaching credits.

Training Process.

Select the right programme

Register and complete modules

Submit course assessment

Receive certificate



Engage Account.

On successful completion of accreditation, users become eligible to set up an Engage account. Within the account you can administer Engage to clients, send out survey invites and download reports. Reports can be co-branded with your logo.

How the system works

To operate an account, you need to purchase credits. Credits operate on a cost per head usage. We offer discounts for volume users and starter packages. Typical cost per head is £120-£150 which includes:

  • Survey completion
  • Self-development report
  • Coach report
  • Team report


Get results.
Drive change.
Shift mindset.
Achieve goals.

Engage Coach Hub.

Learning doesn’t stop here. We are committed to building a community of best practice and encourage ongoing learning, consequently, all accredited Engage coaches get FREE access to our Coach Hub members portal. Within the portal you get access to tutorials, practice profiles, case studies, manuals, contracts, templates, guides, white papers, infographics, supervision recording etc.

You also get invited to free master classes, VIP discounts and bespoke training modules.

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