Mindset Training Course

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Go at your own pace

For this mindset training course, there is no specified length. You can go at your own pace, however we recommend that you put aside regular, protected time to accommodate your learning and understanding.

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£45 (inc vat)


There are no prerequisites for the Mindset Training Course. The course is aimed at anyone who wishes to improve their understanding of their own mindset. The goal is to give you the tools to adopt a more confident, growth focused and goal oriented mindset for success in both your personal and professional life.

Mindset for Success

  • An understanding of Change Readiness
  • Develop a more Confident Mindset
  • Integrate a Growth Mindset into your daily life
  • Understand the goal oriented mindset for success

Mindset Training Course

In life, one of the greatest things we can invest in is our mindset. Our mindset is everything, it ultimately determines how we manage our emotional responses to what happens in our lives; it can either help us, or potentially hinder us.

If you’re looking to improve your mindset, and drive change in your own life, then this may be the course for you.

This fully automated mindset training course has been developed to help you develop the tools you need to build a mindset for success. Whether you’re looking for a career transition, wanting to make some lifestyle changes, or simply seeking to cope with pressure better, then this course can help you. In fact, the tools that this mindset training course helps you to develop are ideal for anyone to apply into their day to day lives.

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What you will gain from this Mindset Course

Module 1
Develop Change Readiness

In this mindset course, you will acquire a better understanding of the Journey of Change: You will learn how change is unavoidable, and how different internal responses to change may affect the trajectory of our reactions to positive opportunities.

Module 2
Confident Mindset

You will learn about the Confident Mindset, and how looking internally to develop a confident mindset can help you in your day to day or professional life.

Whilst learning about the Confident Mindset, you will learn how to acknowledge and embrace your own strengths, talents and abilities, fostering a deeper sense of self-assurance and belief in your own potential.

You will gain tools to nurture this Confident Mindset, replacing negative thoughts and self limiting beliefs with more affirming statements which will ultimately fuel a more optimistic and resilient outlook to life.

Module 3
Growth Mindset

The mindset training course teaches how to develop a growth mindset; to be more determined for success, open to mistakes, and how to take feedback as constructive.

In doing this, you will gain the ability to embrace challenges as opportunities, enabling you to step outside your comfort zone with more ease and with a more determined attitude.

Module 4
Success Mindset

The ultimate goal of this mindset course is for you to gain an understanding of the Success Mindset, learning how to have a goal oriented focus, with the ability to visualise your personal desired outcomes from situations and maintain a focus on achieving those outcomes.

Through learning about the success mindset, you will acquire tools to build resilience and adaptability, increasing your ability to see challenges as opportunities for learning.

On this Mindset Training Course, you will ultimately gain the ability to master your mindset and take greater control of your life, helping you to unlock your potential and your likelihood of success. 

How this Mindset Course Works

This fully automated mindset course has 4 modules. For each module, you will be provided with a webinar, a workbook and an accompanying podcast. It is important that for this mindset course you set aside regular, protected time. You should have patience, and approach it with consistency, all whilst thinking about how the lessons apply to you specifically.

The Webinar
The Webinar for each module is for you to watch, listen and learn the overall principles and lessons with respect to that module topic. It is predominantly a learning environment, providing you with the knowledge and skills to later reflect on your own behaviours.

The Workbook
The Workbook for each module provides the opportunity for you to take your learnings from the Webinars and apply them. It contains exercises for you to complete, reflecting the knowledge you have gained from the Webinar back onto your own life, thus enabling you to grow and develop your mindset.

The Podcast
The Podcast for each module of the mindset course has been designed to guide you through the workbook and the exercises within it. It creates the bridge between the lessons from the Webinar and the exercises in the Workbook to better equip you to improve your self awareness and ultimately drive change of mindset.

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About the Course Creator

Dr Jodi O’Dell

Jodi is the founder and driving force behind Engage. She is an occupational psychologist and executive coach with a PhD in Coaching Psychology, who for over 20 years has dedicated her career to helping people thrive and be the best version of themselves.

As a leading expert in coaching, she has worked globally with blue chip clients. She combines this wealth of experience and passion for human development with the scientific rigour of evidence-based research which underpins the Engage toolset.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is the purpose of the mindset training course?
The purpose of the mindset training course is to help individuals improve their mindset and drive change in their lives. It provides tools and techniques to develop a mindset for success, whether in career transitions, lifestyle changes, or coping with pressure.

What will I gain from this mindset course?
By completing this mindset course, you will gain several benefits. These include developing change readiness, fostering a confident mindset, cultivating a growth mindset, and understanding the success mindset. The course aims to help you master your mindset, unlock your potential, and increase your likelihood of success.

How does the mindset training course work?
The mindset training course consists of four modules. Each module includes a webinar, a workbook, and a podcast. The webinar provides an overview of the module’s topic, the workbook offers exercises for self-reflection and application, and the podcast guides you through the workbook and its exercises to improve self-awareness and drive change.

Who is the creator of this mindset course?
Dr. Jodi O’Dell is the creator of this mindset course. She is an occupational psychologist and executive coach with a PhD in Coaching Psychology. With over 20 years of experience, she has dedicated her career to helping people thrive and be the best version of themselves. Her expertise and passion for human development, combined with evidence-based research, underpin the Engage toolset.

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